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It’s not all on site. As much as we enjoy the delights of the British outdoors there is part of our job as Land Surveyors that means we have to sit behind the desk and use a computer. It is absolutely essential that we are equipped with the right software to make sure we can provide the client with an accurate drawing. We invest time and money into getting the job done right on site it would be a shame to get it wrong at the last bit. That’s why we use the best software technology that won’t let us or you down.

For topographic Land surveys we use N4ce pro from AiC Ltd. N4ce Pro takes care of all areas of survey data from capturing the data to displaying it. Fully compatible with Windows 2000, XP and vista. N4CE pro uses many of the tried and tested technical features that are found in other AiC innovative technology.

N4ce Pro is the ideal package for any surveyor, it is easy to use which saves us time allowing us to finish the last stage of each project efficiently. Because it is packed with useful features, it gives Land Surveyors the tools we need to get the job done ensuring we can tackle the most complicated of surveying tasks.

For volumetric surveys we use LSS by McCarthy Taylor Systems. Recent developments have kept them ahead of the game making it the best package for volumetric and other surveying tasks.

At Boundaries Partnering we offer Land Surveys at competitive rates to a very high standard. Using very high-tech equipment we always deliver the most accurate of drawings.

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