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Boundaries Partnering can provide land surveys with as much or as little detail as requested by the client.

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At Boundaries Partnering we offer Land Surveys at competitive rates to a very high standard. Using very high-tech equipment we always deliver the most accurate of drawings.

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Setting out [+]

After the initial land surveys have been conducted and the architects and engineers have completed their final design Boundaries Partnering are equipped to get involved with the next stage which is setting out. This involves us accurately marking the positions of new buildings, roads and drainage layouts. We are well experienced in this area and we can accommodate both small and large projects of different natures within the South east of England.

Topographic Land Surveys [+]

A measured land survey can determine the site area which normally sets the purchase price and the size of the development. Information collected at the beginning of a development provides a perfect starting point to a project. Land surveys allow you to collate all the information to make decisions. For example, detailed ground level information can determine the heights of the proposed buildings in the development. Detail gained from a survey can include road information that may be important to keep the development within the requirement s of the Highways Agency.

An understanding of the local sewage network can be gained from one our land surveys and this can help decide the positions of the proposed developments and make sure the developers can connect to it.

Brown field surveys [+]

Development is increasingly taking place on brown fields which is previously developed land. This is often more complicated than developing on green fields therefore it is essential fro a professional to conduct a survey to save the developer time and money in the long term.

Green field surveys [+]

We conduct green field surveys using our high tech Leica equipment. Green field surveys, often known as agricultural land surveys are often a necessity for meeting planning requirements for building development or mineral extraction.

Highway surveys [+]

Boundaries Partnering carry out highway surveys which accurately locate all the obstacles facing the highway engineer. This includes such detail as where road markings are, overhead structures, man hole covers and much more.

Land registry [+]

We can conduct a survey to collect data to be submitted to the Land Registry. This is important on completion of a project to keep the Land Registry informed of new features such as buildings, roads and drainage.

Land sub divisions [+]

Developers often purchase land and divide it into segments for resale. This is called a subdivision and it is not uncommon for land to be divided up especially in the south East of England. Boundaries Partnering can provide what you need to mark out the divisions of a developed piece of land.

Quarry and landfill updates [+]

This is important when planning a development of a quarry or a tip. These updates are also required by The Mines & Quarries (Tips) Regulations 1971 in the Occupational Health & Safety policy.

Stock and volumetric surveys [+]

These types of surveys are a necessity for internal and external auditing. We provide the client with all the details required for an audit.

Measured building surveys [+]

Architects often require our skills to measure buildings. There are a number of areas to be measured such as floor plans, elevations, sections and garden/external surveys. The highest level of accuracy is always achieved with every building survey we measure.

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