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We have an extensive list of satisfied clients who have used our Land Survey skills in Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We are able to provide references supporting our credibility on request. Please see our samples page for examples of our finished work.

At Boundaries Partnering we offer Land Surveys at competitive rates to a very high standard. Using very high-tech equipment we always deliver the most accurate of drawings.

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Setting out and surveys for a major road improvement [+]

Setting out reinforced concrete ground beams to high tolerances and to ensure the fit of the building will be to the correct position and level.

Setting out reinforced concrete ground beams at Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne [+]

Highway survey for engineer's re-design in Brighton, East Sussex. The survey will provide subsequent moss string data. Afterwards we conducted the setting out of a major road improvement including re-alignment of junctions, a new bus lane and reposition kerb lines.

Shaded 3D model [+]

Land Survey 3D model

Shaded Dtm models produced from details take from a 3D survey.This allows colour presentation of ground above and below a given level datumn, giving clear and concise information by the use of colour banding.

Textured Model [+]

Land Survey textured model

The 3D modeller is a powerful simulation tool which allows the user to fly around and interact with ground models and multiple surface designs in-real time. Open GL is a graphics language which allows very complex 3D surfaces and objects to be drawn and textured at incredible speeds and can be used along side volume calculations for volume presentations.

Contoured Topographical Survey [+]

Land Survey fair light model

Full 3d contoured topographical survey to enable the design of a new estate lake. The topographical land survey shows all the dew ponds, water courses and streams to prove to the environmental agency that the water level is sustainable. Also to enable the design and position of new lake to be established.

Volumetric Survey at Ilford in Essex [+]

Volumetric surveys for the design of new golf courses, landfill tips, lakes and fishing ponds. The volumetric survey is used by the designer to assess the implications to the surrounding area and to quantify the amount of soil to be removed, repositioned by the use of cut and fill exercises, or for tips to assess the amount of space volume available

Highway Survey [+]

Highway survey showing position of all street furniture, road markings, junctions, tops of kerbs and channel levels. The position of crossings is a valuable piece of information for road design, new junction, new roundabout layout design and checking the required visibility splay to a future development whether it be a single plot or a new estate

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