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Whether you need topographic land surveys, control surveys or volume calculations we only use equipment that provide the right features for all measuring tasks.

Our Leica System 1200 is designed to accommodate all from the simplest to the most challenging of tasks. Leica System 1200 was built for speed, accuracy and reliability letting Boundaries Partnering carry out the most complex of land surveys faster and more efficiently than ever before. The durability of the system lets us work in any environment and the tools provided make working in the field smooth and trouble free.

Hi-Tech and efficient technology means we can get the job finished quickly and accurately reducing cost for the client without compromising on the quality of the job.
Leica GPS1200+
Built to withstand and accomodate changes we encounter in the world of GPS. GPS1200+ is the only GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) system that is 'future proof'.
RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology provides us with real-time corrections within a 1cm level of accuracy. This is the best technology available and we use it to make sure we will always provide surveys to the highest level of accuracy.

At boundaries Partnering we always use the best equipment to ensure we do the most accurate of surveys.

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